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"A Thousand Suns" by Linkin Park is finally out!!!! I know I am little late about this but I have spent the past few days listening to it and finding what I like and what I don’t like about it. Actually there is not much I don’t like about his cd or maybe I am in complete denial that Linkin Park can’t ever cease to amaze me.

I don’t like the interludes too much between some of the songs except for the first two. But I can tolerate them and they do add a unique and interesting sound to the cd. I think the long 3 years was well worth the wait for this cd. It got pushed back twice and now that it is here it’s still hard to believe its here and it doesn’t seem rushed at all.

What I really like about this cd is that it is really different and weird but in a good way. As much as I miss the Hybrid Theory/Meteora days I am very open minded and optimistic about their new direction. I think this cd is better than Minutes to Midnight though. They have created their own genre it seems because I can’t seem to find what genre this cd fits into except for progressive/experimental which is basically what they are trying to do. They want to be different and to be “artists”. Which they are in the way the create and try new things every time. Wouldn’t you get tired of your favorite artist, author,or singer if they were doing the same thing over and over? They want their songs and cds to be unexpected and unpredictable which this new cd completely was to me. I was worried about them becoming christian rock with the way “The Catalyst” and “New Divide” sounded lyrically but I am really glad that didn’t happen.

Most of the songs sound nothing like Linkin Park but they do have some of those rifts, echoing voices, and rapping that made them famous. I think there are like 3 or 4 songs that are sound like them. Each song is different, creative and interesting its own way. There are no boring songs where you’re like “Why did they write that song?”. In my opinion Linkin Park has never had a song like that on any of their cds or singles which is one of the main reasons they have remained my favorite band for the past 10 years.

I’ll break the cd down song by song and analyze what I like about the song and I will try to be somewhat critical and include what I don’t like.

#1. The Requiem

The first interlude of the cd and I really love it. It an eerie/creepy take on the chorus line of “The Catalyst” sung by some female voice. When I listen to it I imagine several giant alien ships descending from the sky on a major city and “erasing” human civilization with their lasers or I just have one fucked up mind which is probably the case.

#2. The Radiance

The second interlude which is an excerpt from an interview of Robert Oppenheimer. I love the part they included and it is relate-able in the way how the world has changed and is greedy for power. I have heard that speech from somewhere. Probably in high school.

#3. Burning In The Skies

This song was really good and I like how it sounds. It sounds like it was from “Minutes to Midnight”. This was a soft and sad song and in different place then most of the soft/sad songs on their cds. The first 3 cd’s had the fast and harder songs first then the soft and slower were in the middle or towards the end. I do notice weird things though.

#4. Empty Spaces

Another interlude. This one was ok. I am not sure what I got from it but the crickets, battle sounds and a guy on a megaphone in the background were pretty cool though.

#5. When They Come For Me

This song sounded like a sequel to “Points of Authority”. This is the Linkin Park we knew and loved with the rap and lyrics of rising up and then its also the new LP with them trying new things. In this song they experimented with some kind of tribal drum. I think it sounds awesome. It reminds me of how they used the Japanese Flute in “No Body Is Listening” and the jingling keys in “Given Up” and the E-Bow in “No More Sorrow”. I also really loved the tribal chanting in the song. It seems when they say “Everybody wants the next thing to be like the first” its like they are aware that their fans miss their old stuff and want them to be like they used to.

#6. Robot Boy

I love the piano at the beginning. Reminds me of “In The End”. This song also reminds me of Imogene Heap’s song “Hide and Seek” for some reason. I did like it though. It was just really different. A sequel “The Little Things That Give You Away” maybe? lol

#7. Jornada Del Muerto

Yet another interlude. I actually liked with the synthesizers and how it leads into the next song.

#8. Waiting For The End

Another song like LP’s old days. Its always good to here Mike Shinoda rap. For an Asian he is a very talented rapper. Better than most rappers I have had. I liked this song and how it sounds. Nice and slow and i love the lyrics to it. It’s like their old songs that were about failed relationships as well as letting go and moving on.

#9. Blackout

This is probably my favorite song on the cd. I really enjoy how it starts out with slowness and builds up to Chester doing his infamous screaming. I love how it sounds and reminds me of the song “Hit The Floor”, “Faint” but I think it sounds like a sequel song to “One Step Closer”. I like the synthesizers as well. I think they should have made this a Chester only song cause when Mike comes in it gets slow and sad and kind ruins it in a way but i love how it ends and it’s still my favorite song but its

#10. Wretches And Kings

I love the speech at the beginning. I heard this song a few days before the cd came out and at first I thought it was too heavy with rap but it grew on me. I love it now. Its my 2nd favorite song. Like I said Mike is a very talented rapper and I think that is why it grew on me lol. I love the way Chester sings and how he says “We the animals” lol.

#11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love

Yet again another interlude. I do like how they included a speech about the Vietnam War in it and how they synthesized it and how it leads into the next song.

#12. Iridescent

I love this song and how it sounds. It sounds like a sequel song to “Shadow of the Day” one of my favorite songs off “Minuets to Midnight”. I enjoy the lyrics a lot and how it flows with the song and the “choir” like voices. Reminds me of 30 Seconds To Mar’s recent cd and the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” song

#13. Fallout

The last interlude. I love how this ones sounds and how eerie the chorus line from “Burning in the Skies” sounds.

#14. The Catalyst

The first single off this cd. I really enjoyed this song leading up to the release of the cd. Although it did have me freaking out that the cd would sound like a christian rock cd. Luckily that didn’t happen and I was relieved. I guess they were right how they want this cd to be “unexpected” and I expected something else. The video for this song is also really cool. I love the lyrics for this song and how it is kind of wake up call of how the lives our future generations might be rough with our greed for power and money. At least that is what I got from it.

#15. The Messenger

FINALLY!! LP has an acoustic song. I have always thought they should do acoustic versions for some of their songs like for “In The End” and “Breaking The Habit”. They should have released an acoustic album instead of the collaboration cd with Jay Z. It was good but I didn’t care much for it. Anyways I do like how this song sounds and I enjoy the lyrics.

Well there you have it. My analysis and probably somewhat biased take on “A Thousand Suns”. It’s probably biased because I love them so much and I don’t think I could ever get disappointed or bored by them no matter how many times they change their style. I know I said I enjoyed how I liked every song and how it sounds but that is why I love LP and why I always will lol. Gay I know but whatever. Thanks for reading.

Finally Space Combat has been revealed for Star Wars The Old Republic!!! I for one am pretty excited to see this. This will be fun to challenge other players to dog fights. Its been said that we get our own ships anyways and what better way to use them then to have space combat. If i ever get bored in the game I can always blow shit up in space!! I think World of Warcraft has met its match!!! If you ever got bored in that game you could just go raid a dungeon you’ve raided over and over or go farm materials to make shit and either way you would still be bored. You could do battlegrounds and fight other players but that eventually got boring after awhile too especially if your side loses a lot.

Bioware finally releases the Jedi Knight Advance Classes as well as a trailer!!!! The two advance classes are Jedi Guardian (which I plan to play as my 4th character lol), which is the tank spec using heavy armor and a single bladed light saber, and the Jedi Sentinel, which wears light to medium armor and maybe heavy as well, and dual wields two single bladed lightsabers.

Making of Republic Trooper in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is probably my 3rd favorite class I look forward to playing. What’s not to like about it? They get big ass guns (regular sized ones too), heavy armor and look like mini tanks. In fact this class will be one of the tanking classes for the Republic. A ranged tank that is. I look forward to playing as a ranged tank rather than just shooting.It is something different that most MMO’s have never done. Maybe WoW might consider making a Hunter a range tank class lol.

I think I had a productive summer this summer…for gaming I mean. I have beaten 6 games this summer starting from beginning of May till now. That is probably the most I have beaten in one summer. Usually its like 1 or 2 back when I had a PS2 and the past 2 summers it was none because I would play World of Warcraft instead lol. I also have 3 more games I still need to complete but probably won’t happen before school starts. So Here’s a list…I like making lists for some reason lol.


Battlefield Bad Company 2

Red Dead Redemption

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Halo 3 ODST

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Mass Effect

Currently Playing

Fallout 3

Star Wars Knights of the Republic II: The Sith Lords

Midnight Club Los Angeles 

Games I Still Need To Get (*= not out yet)

Mass Effect 2

Batman Arkham Asylum

Medal of Honor *

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 *


October 2007 - Uptown Theater

Brand New, Thrice, Me Without You(my first concert ever with my cousin Chris)

July 2008 - Kemper Arena

Foo Fighters, Supergrass, Year Long Disaster (My favorite concert ever)

August 2008 - Sandstone

Jack Johnson, Rogue Wave and Neil something

February 2010 - Midland Theater - Afentra’s VD Party

Ok Go, Company Theives, Crash Kings, Paper Tongues

May 2010 - City Market - Buzz Under The Stars, Night 1

Weezer, Coheed and Cambria, Manchester Orchestra

June 2010 - Sprint Center

Tool, Woven Hands

July 2010 - City Market - Buzz Under The Stars, Night 3

Ben Folds, Silversun Pickups, Devo, Against Me!, Crash Kings

WANT TO SEE (not in particular order)

Linkin Park


The Bravery


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Black Keys

Mumford And Sons

Cage The Elephant

Gaslight Anthem

Jimmy Eat World


Nine Inch Nails


Sum 41

Blink 182


Linkin Park’s new single come out today but I cant find a good video with the whole song on it. Except for this one that is a game trailer for the new “Medal of Honor” which is a game I look forward too. I really like the song but it doesn’t feel like LP much but there is still 14 other songs that will be on their new cd so I am sure I’ll find some I’ll like.

This will be the 1st class I will play when “Star Wars: The Old Republic” comes out. It looks like so much fun! I’ll be playing as a Marauder Sith Warrior which means I’ll get to use two light sabers instead of one which the Juggernaut Sith Warrior will use. I am not sure if Bioware/Lucas Arts made this video or if it is fan made since it is not on their site but I think they show favoritism towards this class since it is based off of Darth Vader, the iconic character of Star Wars and since they are always updating new info about it instead of the other classes. I hope they give more info on the Jedi Consular sometime soon which is the other class I look forward to playing.

The lead singer of one my favorite bands of all time, Incubus, has recently put out a solo CD called “The Wild Trapeze”. Most people were unaware that he was doing this as he kept secret until it released. I will never understand why lead singers of most bands like to have solo careers. They always sound the same like they did when they were in their own band. Serj Tankian still sounded like System of a Down, Billy Corgan still sounded like Smashing Pumpkins. Although his solo CD sounds like another Incubus CD, I still like it and give him credit. Every song is really good on this CD and creative in its own away. I have listened to it like 4 times so far. The first single of the CD is “Runaway Train” although I have found other songs I like off the CD such as “All Ears Avow!”, “Here Comes Everyone” and “The Wild Trapeze”. I highly recommend this CD to all Incubus fans. I highly doubt you will be disappointed :)

The beta testing for “Star Wars: The Old Republic” has finally begun!!! I am excited to hear that because that means the game is underway and the release date seems closer. Sadly, the game won’t be released till the spring in 2011. They plan to do testing in phasing waves and so the 1st wave has begun. I haven’t gotten an email yet so hopefully I get chosen in the upcoming waves. I have signed up and sent my PC scan info but hopefully my computer is sufficent enough for the game to get chosen. I also hope I get chosen to play the beta for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm but I doubt I will since my account is inactive.

I am really excited about this game and been anticipating its release for a year and half now and still have about another year till it releases. I most excited to play a Sith Warrior on the Sith side which is kind of like Darth Vader and I am also excited to play as a Jedi Consular on The Republic side which is like my favorite jedi, Kit Fisto, and also like Qui-Gon Jinn or Yoda or anyone with a green lightsaber. Hopefully I can try those classes out in the beta testing but either way I am still going to pre-order this game and give it a try.

I know I might be somewhat late on this but better late than never I always say lol. Anyways, the 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday. Mainly because it is the only holiday that means something to me. I find it exciting and meaningful celebrating our freedom and independence from the Monarchy system and the British. It’s also fun to celebrate with family and great food to give you energy to blow shit up. Like one of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, says “I don’t normally eat a hamburger, steak and a brat but it is the 4th of July. I am going to need the energy if I am blowing shit up”.

The meaning of the 4th of July hasn’t been changed or askew-ed over the years like Christmas and Easter and other holidays have been. Those holidays don’t really mean much to me since I am not that religious. Martin Luther King Day doesn’t mean much to me since I am not black but in a way 4th of July is the white man’s MLK day lol.

Sometimes I find fireworks kind of boring since they are kind of repetitive but the meaning of them is what is great even if they are from China. My favorite fireworks are the ones that go boom like H-Bombs, M-60s, M-80s and making Sparkler bombs. I feel like a pyro when I strap those to old toys lol. Most of the time I am too cheap to buy fireworks so I wait till the 4th to buy them when they are like 50% or more off and once I blow up all of the ones I mentioned its fun to pull up a lawn chair and watch your neighbors and surrounding houses do fireworks for free!! It’s always exciting and enjoyable to hear endless booms, crackles, fizzes and bangs of exploding fireworks. It sounds like a battle going on and represents the war we fought to gain our freedom and independence. Hard to believe that the world’s powerful nation was once oppressed and controlled.

I was checking Linkin Park’s wikipedia page as I often do and it has been updated with some great news!! Even though wikipedia isn’t a reliable source for information but most of the time it is for me.

According to the page, their new album will be titled “A Thousand Suns” and will be released sometime in September. The first single will be titled “The Catalyst” and will be released on August 2nd. I hope it leaks sooner lol. I am highly anticipating this album more than ever now. I will be showing my loyalty to Linkin Park by buying this album instead of downloading it and since I have bought all their other cd’s. I have a feeling the cover for this album will be awesome with suns and fire lol. The only cd’s of Linkin Park I haven’t bought is “Collision Course” and a live cd…I think “Live from SoHo” but I think its an itunes exclusive but I did find a torrent for it along with thier EP’s and Underground songs.

I don’t think this cd will disappoint me at all. I have a lot faith in them and I don’t think they could ever cease to amaze me with their lyrics and sound no matter how hard they try. I am just glad they are still together and putting out great music and I hope they continue this for a long time which I have no doubt they will.



NEVER mess with a Wasp! NEVER! 
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NEVER mess with a Wasp! NEVER! 

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